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In 1864, the delegates from the legislatures of Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
and Prince Edward Island met in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island,
to consider the union of the British North American colonies.

The meeting was memorable, by all accounts.
The delegates from upper Canada arrived by ship from Montreal.
There was $10,000.00 worth of Champagne on board for contingencies.

In restoring this photograph, I have removed all the flaws in the original plate emulsion,
and all the dust and scratches in the image.
I decided to not touch the faces, as they are well defined and there is such risk
in making them false by touching them.

I found all the names of the delegates and added them at the bottom of the image.
The type style is antique, as is the border around the whole image.

The image size is 14-1/4 x 20 inches wide, and is is printed in a warm tone ink
to mimic the style of the day.

This print is made with archival pigment based inks on 100% cotton paper,
and will last in display conditions for 100+ years without visible signs of fading.

It is framed in a dark grey wood frame in acid free materials.

2014 is the 150th anniversary of that historic meeting, and a fitting time for release of this image.

There should be a copy of this historic image in every school in Canada.
It would make a very nice gift to a school library.

There are some interesting unique features to this photograph
which I found in my minute examination of the image.

The Hon. George Brown, at the right of the picture, moved during the exposure, and is blurred.
There is an object behind him which I think is a leather valise.
William H. Lee, at his left, only got halfway into the picture.

At the left of the steps, there is a little pile of grass clippings.
I suppose they had just cut the grass for the occasion.

Sir John A. MacDonald sits on the second step, with the dapper Cartier standing nearby.

The print is priced at:
$125.00 unframed
$200.00 framed
plus packaging and shipping.



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