“Somethin' Fishy”

“Somethin’ Fishy” exhibit was conceived by Terry Dunton Stevenson and executed by Camera Art Limited 1990. It was designed to be an attraction to visitors and a marine museum, interpreting the fishing industry in the Morell region. It was part of the economic development plan for the area which would inlude The Links at Crowbush Cove. It was a quality educational art experience.

There were two parts to the exhibit, an underwater room and an interpretive room. The underwater room is an art installation in which one is encouraged to suspend disbelief and slip into the wonder of the world beneath the surface of the sea. The room was painted to give the feeling of being underwater. Sculpture made from carpeting, sand, wire, plaster rocks, found plants altered with paint, handmade seaweed, and sea creatures made of styrofoam, toothpicks and paint fill the space. Sound and lighting effects completed the illusion. There were 27 fish suspended from the ceiling in a visual ecology.

The commissioners of the exhibit wanted as much community involvement in the project as possible. Many local people contributed artifacts, and guidance on matters of authenticity. Divers were consulted on the appearance of the undersea, and much research was done on its denizens.

“...this underwater environment is amazingly professional in tone and execution, and the accompanying educational display and activity area is filled with information about the island fisheries industry, which will appeal to all ages.”

-Jan Mollison, The Evening Patriot, Sat. Aug 25,1990

Client: Canadian Legion, Morell